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04 Jul 2015

San Francisco- 2 different news crews robbed at same crime scene

When you think about the dangers faced by news crews, you think of overseas assignments. But on Thursday morning, two Bay Area news crews were robbed while reporting on a homicide in San Francisco. On live TV. News crews from several TV stations, including  KTVU and KNTV, were at Pier 14

03 Jul 2015

Baltimore Police under fire again for a sarcastic sign

Baltimore, Maryland – With six of their compadres under indictment for the Freddie Gray death, you’d think the Baltimore Police Department would be more careful in what they put up as a sign in their police van. At least, that’s the story floating around. But is the picture real or fake? “Enjoy your

03 Jul 2015

Celebrate now- Will it be the last 4th of July as you knew it?

Several headlines this morning shrieked “Obama is about to end 4th of July as we know it.” So thought we best be checking that out. We found that yet another regulation proposed by the EPA could indeed affect the celebrations of the 4th of July. Under Ozone Ground Level regulations, the

03 Jul 2015

Paratrooper arrested for walking through mall in military gear

Fayetteville, North Carolina – An 82nd Airborne paratrooper was arrested for “Going Armed to the Terror of the Public” on Thursday evening when he walked through a Macy’s department store in his full military gear.  [Really wish they’d stop calling an AR rifle an “assault rifle.”] But he had one of

03 Jul 2015

The Burning 4th – Flag Protesters Stopped by Veterans and Bikers

As we enter the first days of July, getting ready for the long weekend celebrating America’s Independence, an activist group planned to burn the Flag of the U.S. in New York City. They have grown out of a Facebook page entitled, “Disarm NYPD.” They originally were planning to burn the Confederate

Fireworks behind statue of liberty
02 Jul 2015

Why do we celebrate the 4th of July? Americans have no Clue (Video)

Americans are woefully lacking when it comes to history – the product of the accelerated dumbing down of the nation, even before Common Core. Mark Dice calls himself a “media analyst.” He travels the country asking people ordinary questions on things they really should at least have a clue about. They usually don’t