Americans abandoned by the Iran Nuclear Deal

The formal Nuclear Deal has been reached with Iran, according to this morning’s press releases. But with that action comes the knowledge that the United States has also formally abandoned three U.S. citizens  to the clutches of Iran…and that proves without a shadow of a doubt that the word of the President and Secretary of State are totally worthless.


Pastor Abedini, (left), US Marine Hekmati (center), Journalist Jason Rezaian

Amir Hekmati, a U.S. Marine, Pastor Saeed Abedini, and Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian are all imprisoned in Iran and all are American citizens. The Nuclear Deal has been reached without a demand from the United States for their release.


Naghmeh Abedini sat face to face with Obama and he told her explicitly that Saeed’s release was a “top priority.” Today’s deal proves that statement to be a lie. Secretary of State Kerry seemed to mention them only as an oh by the way moment:  “They remain in our thoughts throughout this negotiation.”

Pastor Abedini’s wife has worked tirelessly to keep his name in the forefront of news media and Congress. He has been beaten numerous times for his Christian faith while in their custody.

The families of all of these men have worked tirelessly to keep their names in front of the public and Congress.

The only hope left- Congress

Naghmeh stated to the American Center for Law and Justice,

I plead with Congress to ensure that my husband, an American citizen, is not left behind.  With the announcement of a deal and yet silence as to the fate of Saeed and the other Americans held hostage in Iran, their fate lies now in the hands of Congress. I plead with each member of Congress to review the deal with our family at the forefront of their thoughts.  Congress holds the key to bringing my husband home, to returning the father to my children. My children have desperately missed the loving embrace of their father for the last three years of their lives. They have grown up almost half of their lives without their father. Please help us ensure the remainder of their childhood includes both a mother and a father…

Both the House and Senate passed resolutions calling for the release of the three American hostages last year. They could reject this deal with Iran in favor of forcing them to release the men as a condition of removing the economic sanctions. But will they? The Obama administration didn’t bother, what about Congress?

The current trend in Congress to capitulate on all things true and honorable may result in a rubber stamp to the settlement. The Senate would have to snag several Democratic votes to block the deal, and the President has vowed to veto any blockage of it.

“Peace at any price” isn’t peace at all

In a sort of “agreement to disagree” kind of settlement, the sanctions are coming off. But the Iranian regime can stop the IAEA from going into their facilities to inspect them and then the negotiating nations will have to sit down and talk again on a case by case basis.

The deal does not stop them from enriching uranium or making a bomb- it merely slows the process IF they comply with the rules of the deal. They will not. Saudi Arabia is upset over the deal, Israel is worried as well. This administration has not only abandoned three American citizens, it has literally opened a door for the enemy to strike.

“Even peace may be purchased at too high a price.” Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790




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