Biden Issues Smackdown to Dems: “It is Over”

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Biden Issues Smackdown to Dems: “It is Over”

“It is over.” Those words rang through the Senate yesterday as Vice President Biden certified the electoral college results and rejected objections from Democrats who tried one last ditch effort to derail it.

“There is no debate,” he reiterated several times as several die-hard Dems tries to raise objections. But none of them had the legal requirements to raise any objections, so he interrupted them with this gavel every time they tried to talk.

By law, objections must have a signed request by a member of the Senate. They didn’t have that. The Vice President stuck to the law and didn’t waiver.

Ok as he left the podium, he did quietly say “God Save the Queen” but that was it.

The Daily Mail reported,

Time and again, Democrats raised objections to state votes – and each time Biden, as president of the Senate, gaveled them down.

‘There is no debate,’ Biden said to one of a flurry of Democratic objections.

The objections weren’t considered in order under U.S. law unless joined by a sitting U.S. senator – something none of them got.

‘Order!’ Republicans shouted each time a House Democrat pleaded for consideration.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas objected to multiple state vote counts. When Milwaukee’s votes came up, she cited local irregularities, in a state Trump carried even after a recount.

‘The Russian intrusion!’ she yelled after authorities who control the House cut off her mic.

When Sheila Waters (D-CA) tried to object by asking if any Senator would stand with her to object to the Wyoming vote, none did. Again, Biden gaveled her to silence. Paul Ryan could be seen laughing in the background. A few protesters were present as well and were escorted out of the chamber.

At final count, Donald Trump received 304 electoral vote to Hillary’s 227. There was no debate, and could not have been: he won. The MSM, the Government, the Democrats, even protesters have gone to great lengths to push the Russian interference narrative, but when push came to shove, there was absolutely no evidence that the Russians interfered with the actual vote count.

IF Russia did hack anything to give the information to Wikileaks, then we should give them a medal and send them a thank you note.

It is over. Finally.



Faye Higbee
Faye Higbee
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