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Chattanooga Military Centers- 4 Marines and Shooter Dead

A gunman opened fire today at two different military recruiting facilities in Chattanooga. It began at the U.S. Naval Reserve office on Lee Highway in Chattanooga and ended at the U.S. Naval and Marine Recruiting Center on Amnicola Highway Thursday morning about 1045 am. It ended about 30 minutes later.  4 Marines were killed and the shooter.

One Chattanooga police officer underwent surgery at Erlanger Medical facility and confirmed to be in stable condition. Officials state that 2 or 3 others may have been wounded as well with non-life-threatening injuries.


The Recruiting office after a gunman opened fire this morning – Twitter photo

Schools and businesses around the area were in a state of lock down as active shooter protocol was initiated. Military fatalities, Government offices and hospitals were all locked down as well.

The perpetrator was killed according to police and the US Navy as Chattanooga and county officers engaged  the shooter. Officials stated that the suspect was armed with “numerous weapons.” Investigators will be looking intensely at the shooter. Authorities have not confirmed whether he was shot by officers or by his own hand. They do believe the shooter is local.

When the call went out for blood donations, Chattanooga citizens responded en mass, as reports of the line running far out the door of the blood donation center surfaced.

Witnesses said they heard numerous high powered rifle shots.

Because both places were military – Naval/Marine recruiting centers involved the situation has been a source of speculation. According to one person on Twitter, a tweet was sent out about 30 minutes prior to the shooting:

Authorities will be checking out this tweet to see whether  or not it is valid or the note of someone trying to take credit for this situation. The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Chattanooga Police, and others are treating this incident as an act of “domestic terrorism” until such time as they have investigated the situation. They don’t know yet as to whether it is an actual terrorist attack or not.

Authorities are considering everything as active crime scenes and have advised they will not share  any information regarding the particulars of the investigation.



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