Chicago Torture Punks – Do They Deserve the Zoo Instead of Jail?

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Chicago Torture Punks – Do They Deserve the Zoo Instead of Jail?

The four pieces of sh*t whose torture of a disabled young man on Facebook Live in Chicago this week, deserve to be kept at a zoo, not in a jail. These are animals who should be on display for the public to ridicule, shout at, and, what the hell, even throw things at them. (Please never throw things at regular zoo animals.)

You’ve heard the story or seen the video by now. The poor victim they tortured for fun is a young man who is schizophrenic and has other mental disabilities. He’s been traumatized for years to come because of these a**holes.

Since there’s little chance of these animals losing their lives over this incident, it only seems fair that we make their lives a hell like they put their victim through.

Were they raised by wolves?

Prison is too good for them. Sure, their parents suck, and deserve a lot of the blame in these situations too, but these are young adults – young adults who have previous arrests and run-ins with the law as juveniles.


They aren’t the type of people who are going to become model citizens. Treating them like the animals they are seems an appropriate punishment. An example needs to be made of them.

Sooner or later, they would’ve killed someone.

Whether they fancied themselves as badass gangstas or whatever, these idiots don’t deserve even the comforts of prison. Let them live in an enclosure, out in the elements, like the apes they act like.

A plaque on the enclosure can describe the “Chicago Torture Thugs” in a more natural habitat. Zoo patrons will be informed that this is what happens to “people” who never learn right from wrong, or learn it but who just don’t care.

If you catch them on a good day, or around feeding time, you might get a few, random words of wisdom from them, like these little nuggets from one of the thugs in a recent video:

“Yeah, Boom! Smoke yo a–! Damn! Big a– bitch a– n—…Boom! Put a bullet in ya a–! F–k Donald Trump, n—a, f–k white people!”

Maybe we lack enough compassion ourselves, but sometimes people commit acts that ought to forfeit any opportunity for a possible second chance. The torture of an innocent, defenseless, disabled person seems to qualify as one of those acts.



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