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Dems submit another gun control bill- no guns in airports

No guns in airports

Yelling ‘never say die’ with regard to gun control, a Democrat has submitted yet ANOTHER piece of legislation, this time to ban guns from the unsecured areas before the security checkpoints at airports. This bill is in response to several shooting incidents where people have approached the TSA checkpoint with weapons, and one situation that had no shooting involved at all, but scared the crap out of everyone in the airport.

no guns in airports

Jim Cooley, a legal gun owner, walked into a major US airport to drop off his wife and daughter  while open carrying his AR-15. It was a not-real-smart moment, when officers stopped him and – duh – asked him about the gun and the ammo drum that was on his shoulder. I guess if you like that sort of attention, that’s one way to get it. It was at that time perfectly legal to open carry a weapon in an airport in Georgia. That may come to a screeching halt if this bill is passed.


The liberal gun control agenda continues to be reactionary- more like brush fire management. The problem with that is that this is yet another piecemeal plan that does nothing whatever to stop criminals from killing people.  And it never will.

Rep. Hank Johnson’s (D-GA) Airport Security Act of 2015 (H.R. 2767)  is designed to prevent anyone but law enforcement from carrying a weapon in “unsecured” areas, even if they are licensed for such carry. They can only carry guns if they are in a “clearly marked, locked case” and “unloaded.”

What that means is, if someone does go on a shooting spree, legal gun owners will have no way to defend themselves or others. They call them “unsecured areas” because they are…unsecured.

Criminals could care less whether it’s illegal or not to carry a weapon in an airport or anyplace else. The bill requires that airports post signs that declare that they are “gun free zones.” I’m sure that sign will be an effective deterrent to criminals, just as it has been for schools. Not.

An expansion of power

There is another element to H.R. 2767- that of an expansion of the authority of the Department of Homeland Security. Pay close attention to this one.

From Johnson’s website:

“If passed and signed into law, Rep. Johnson’s bill would expand Homeland Security’s jurisdiction to include non-secure areas of airports and would take precedence over any city or state laws that allow weapons in any airports nationwide. The gun ban would include public transportation stops within airports if the gun owner departs the transit station at an airport.”

Do you see it? A bill to take precedence over any city or state law, and an expansion of the DHS jurisdiction. They just never quit.





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