Facebook Moderators take down Muslim Meme of the Texas Terror Attack (MAKE IT VIRAL)

Have you noticed that Muslims find everything offensive? It appears that Facebook has the same problem. They will take down ANYTHING they see as “hate speech.” The problem is- they and those who “report” the “offensive” pictures are playing into the hands of those who want to destroy America’s 1st Amendment. Facebook moderators once again took down a meme from Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children that was reported as “offensive” – and banned one of their admins.

texas terror attack

This meme was reported as offensive and taken down by Facebook

That is the meme that was reported and deemed “offensive.” Yet Facebook leaves up  many obnoxious posts on other sites from porn to beheadings. They are arbitrary and capricious in their enforcement of the “community standards.”

It is a free speech issue!

America has the First Amendment– since Facebook is a private company, they supposedly ‘tightly control’ what they see as hate speech. But they most often come down on the side of people who want to destroy Free Speech.

A poll taken in 2012 of American Muslims stated that 58% do not believe in the First Amendment.  45% said that they believed that those who speak against or parody Islam should be charged with a criminal offense. Constitutional guarantees are thrown out the window under Islam’s Shariah Law.

Make it viral

Here are some of the memes that go along with the Texas incident. Share this short article far and wide.








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