Fireball Engulfs “Rainbow” Party in Taiwan (Video)

Taiwan – A group of revelers in New Taipei City were celebrating the US Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage, when a fire engulfed the waterpark where they were celebrating At least  498 people were injured according to the China Post.


The incident occurred at around 8:40 pm on June 27 in New Taipei’s “Bali District.” The crowd was mostly gay and pro-gay “young students and teachers.” As the band was playing, special rainbow powder was released over the crowd.

Screenshot of organizer’s event invitation

Event organizers knew about the explosive nature of the powder.

Natural News wrote,

The weekend catastrophe involved the spontaneous ignition of a multi-colored special effect which was launched into the air by event organizers using air cannons. The “special effect” turned out to be highly explosive particulate corn flour, the same substance frequently responsible for grain silo explosions in the grain belts of the world. The airborne corn flour ignited and burst into flames, raining down fire upon the heads of nearly 500 youth who were attending the event…

Event powder was provided by the Color Play Creative Company. A previous incident happened in an event in September 2013 — in the public announcement of the use of such powder, Mr. Lu stated the possibility of explosion and described the conditions that need to be reached for an explosion to occur. He promised the public that all safety measures had been observed, and that the possibility of an explosion was extremely low.



The event organizer, a gay activist who founded “Gay Rights Taiwan,” was arrested, his assets seized, and barred from leaving the country. Lu Chung-chi (also known as Zhong Ji Lu)  posted a  NT$1 Million bail. As he appeared before news cameras it was reported that he clasped his hands together and  fell to his knees, apologizing to the victims and their families. He said that his mind was in a “state of chaos.” Another man,  the technician who works for Lu, was arrested and posted a NT$300,000 bail.

Event organizer Zhong-Ji-Lu

The wounded were taken to a minimum of 15 different hospitals in Taipei City. The city government may be looking to ban such events, and has created an interdepartmental task force to handle compensations, medical treatment, and the disaster investigation. According to Natural News, the room was packed solid, but there was only one exit.

The original injury count  quickly grew to 498, 1 has died, and  at least 200 of them suffer from critical injuries. 9 of the injured held foreign passports from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Europe.  RT received the video of the incident, shown here:



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