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Florida Shooter Esteban Santiago, Terrorist

The FBI is not ruling out terrorism in the  Fort Lauderdale attack yesterday and there’s a good reason: Florida Shooter Esteban Santiago isn’t just a “poor mentally ill Army guy with PTSD.” The MSM has been claiming his PTSD is to blame, but what is really going on?

Five people died, and 6 people were injured, not 8 as officials previously reported. Santiago could face the death penalty. He went to Florida to kill. He loaded the gun in the bathroom when he arrived, after taking it out of his checked bag in the baggage claim area. Those are not crazy mental ill actions- those are cold calculated homicidal ones.

Fox News reported:

“… the FBI announced that Santiago apparently traveled to the airport for the purpose of carrying out the bloody rampage. Terrorism may have been a “potential motivation” for the attack on Friday that killed five people, Special Agent in Charge George Piro said during a news conference, adding that officials would release specific charges later Saturday.”

Notice anything odd about these two photos of Santiago? The first one is his official mug shot from Broward County. The other is a mug shot from Anchorage Police.

Broward County mug shot

Anchorage, Alaska mugshot

Compare the look in Santiago’s eyes to those of these two mentally ill killers:

Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Massacre

James Holmes- Aurora theater massacre

See any difference in attitude and expression between Santiago and the two wacked out mass murderers?

Also note the new beard growth in the Alaska photo and the full on Islamic beard in the Florida mugshot. Santiago claimed that the government was “forcing” him to look at ISIS films. He lists his religion as “Sunni Islam.”

MySpace lists his name as Aashiq Hammad. He posted this note: “La ilaha illAllah” “There is no god but allah.” The phrase is the first part of the Muslim statement of faith, the Shahadah.  And his brother Bryan Santiago is listed as a contact on the page.

In 2007 he was working on an explosives/weapons forum and downloading Islamic propaganda videos.

Got News reported,

In 2007, someone using the username “Naota33”, the same as Santiago’s e-mail, posted on an explosives and weapons forum on a thread about mass-downloading propaganda videos from Islamic terrorists:

His family claims that when he got back from Iraq he “lost his mind.” Is that the new “cover” for jihadists these days? They’re all just “mentally ill?”

Santiago was downloading Islamic information 3 years BEFORE he went to Iraq. He was discharged from the Army for “Unsatisfactory Performance” after he’d gone AWOL several times.

Even if there is some form of mental issue, there is still no reason to feel sorry for this man. He was radical Muslim before he ever got PTSD.





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