French TV Station Shut Down by pro-ISIS Hackers

The pro-ISIS “CyberCaliphate” hacked into the French TV5 Monde global network on Wednesday, shutting down 11 channels in an attack that continued into Thursday.

french TV station

The newsroom at TV5 Monde in Paris

 A serious upgrade in capabilities

The group managed to shut down all 11 channels of the TV station from 11 pm into 1 am Wednesday/Thursday. The group calling itself the “CyberCaliphate” has hacked various websites and social media before, including CENTCOM and Newsweek, as well as posting a kill list of American Military personnel. But jamming live television feeds to 11 channels is a serious upgrade in their capabilities.

The television station stated it regained control of  its 11 stations as of  Thursday morning.


TV5 Monde’s Facebook page after the cyber attck


Fox News reported,

The hackers briefly cut transmission of 11 channels belonging to TV5 Monde and took over its websites and social media accounts starting Wednesday night. The channel’s director, Yves Bigot, said the attack was continuing Thursday. He told RTL radio that the network has restored its signal but can only broadcast recorded programs… 

Bigot said he was shaken when he saw the black screen across the network’s broadcasts “and when we discovered the sense of the message appearing on our social media and our websites, it both allowed us to understand what was happening and obviously worried us.” 

The message on the TV5 Monde website read in part “I am IS” with a banner by a group that called itself Cybercaliphate. It was replaced later Thursday by a simple message saying that it was undergoing maintenance.


Cyber warfare

French media groups will hold an emergency meeting in the wake of the attacks to see how they can upgrade their security. This was not just hacking into a Twitter or Facebook account. The ability to cut off live feeds to networks and put their screens dark while simultaneously hacking Facebook and Twitter accounts is unprecedented.

This puts to rest any idea that ISIS is just a bunch of stupid terrorists on the “JV team.”



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