Full Court Media Press – UN Radical Agenda on the Horizon for Sept

Fox News reported yesterday that Media Mogul Ted Turner’s United Nations Foundation and Reuters were working together to train ‘journalists’ (loose term) to promote the UN’s  radical agenda- their “Sustainable Development Goals.” The UN hopes to present their agenda for approval in September at a global UN Summit.

Those goals are not particularly “sustainable” in themselves, but would have serious effects on your freedoms. Critics say they are ponderous and too far-reaching, a “grab-bag” intended to obtain political power and funding.

But the UN is pushing them hard – and with a enough serious media push, they could conceivably ram it through at the summit.

un radical agenda

The United Nations- file photo

Loss of Sovereignty- Loss of Freedom

What are these “sustainable development goals” all about? Agenda 21.

1) Eradication of poverty: It means wealth sharing on a massive scale. It means that your hard earned money will be siphoned off to everyone else because your money is “racist” and creates “inequality.”

Here’s an example of how that media push is being utilized to destroy your money in a recent article from CNNMoney:

“The U.S. and Israel have the worst inequality in the developed world, according to a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The OECD found that the gap between rich and poor is at record levels in most of its 34 member countries. But the U.S. and Israel stood out from the pack.”

See the agenda? America and Israel are at the forefront of the “evil” in the world. Not ISIS, not North Korea, not China, not Russia… America and Israel. There is a plan in play and you need to be aware of it.

2) Climate Change – Obama’s pet panic and major “sustainability” agenda. This quote is from the UN document:

“We reaffirm that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and we express profound alarm that emissions of greenhouse gases continue to rise globally. We underscore that the global nature of climate change calls for the widest possible cooperation by all countries and their participation in an effective and appropriate international response,with a view to accelerating the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.”

See it? “Profound alarm” – the crisis words they will use to subject America to panicky over-reactive actions that literally FORCE businesses and citizens across the board to follow their regulations. That has been in play for years, slowly and quietly, but will be far harsher under UN rules.

Agenda 21

The 16 page”Zero Draft” document goes on to further state that they “reaffirm their commitment to Agenda 21.” Read it. Look up Agenda 21. See the intense program to implement Socialism/Marxism/Communism throughout the world- but the US in particular. Everything from eradication of poverty to depopulation is on the agenda.

The media push is designed to increase the number of people involved in the “conversation,” or so they say. The actual plan is to sway millions to their way of thinking, deleting American sovereignty and regulating according to “International Law” along the way.

If you thought Agenda 21 was a “conspiracy theory” you are about to be corrected. As the news media continues to build up its full court press to hawk the UN plan, it will use every dirty trick in the book to pressure citizens into believing the idea that America is an “evil” nation because they have money, etc etc.

Be aware of it, America. Don’t be fooled. Let’s see what happens by September 2015.




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