Idaho driver rescued from the edge of death

Lewiston, Idaho  — The GMC Yukon hung precariously on the edge of Bryden Canyon. The only thing preventing the SUV from plunging over the 30 foot vertical drop was a chain link fence. And the vehicle was occupied by an Idaho driver, 23 year old Mathew Sitko.

Idaho driver

Jason Warnock rescued Mathew Sitko from plunging over a cliff – photo by Barry Kough


Enter Jason Warnock, rescuer

KREM reported,

[Jason] Warnock told police he saw debris in the roadway while driving up Bryden Canyon, then saw the Yukon hanging above the cliff face. He said he ran up to the pedestrian foot bridge, climbed up above the cliff face then went across the embankment to get to the vehicle.

Warnock tried to break the passenger side window with a Leatherman tool, but was unable to. He calmed Sitko enough to have Sitko roll down the window and pulled Sitko through the window to safety, according to police.

Police saw the rescue, as did the man who took the photo. But they were unable to obtain the rescuer’s name at the time because he said he had to go, and then left.

Witnesses stated that the SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed when it left the roadway. The vehicle struck several shrubs and a tree before ending up at the edge of the cliff, resting against a chain link fence. That fence was the only thing between the SUV and a vertical drop.

Sitko sustained minor injuries, and was transported to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.

Warnock said he was working at the time of the incident and was trying to avoid attention.

ABC news stated that according to police some sort of “mental episode” may have been responsible for the crash.

“The Lewiston Police Department would like to thank Jason Warnock for his quick and decisive actions in helping Mr. Sitko and preventing the situation from worsening.” Lewiston Police Press Release



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