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Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – The Price

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. It’s supposed to be a day when we thank local law enforcement for saving lives. It’s supposed to be a day when we have blue lights in our windows to show our support, or leave encouraging messages for our police.

The Texas Governor’s mansion was lit up in blue today in honor of Texas law enforcement.

But in an early morning shooting in Orlando, Florida, the day was marred by two deaths of law enforcement officers: an Orlando Police Master Sergeant, Debra Clayton, who was shot to death – 9 times to be exact, and an Orange County Deputy, Norman Lewis, who was out hunting the suspect. He was killed when a motorist pulled in front of him. Two different tragedies, both stemming from the same incident. The murderer of the Police Sgt is still at large.

Whoever is helping him hide is in for a rude awakening when police do catch up to all of them.

The aftermath of such incidents is overwhelming, both for the brotherhood of officers at their respective departments, and for the families left behind.

Honor guards, special ceremonies, convoys of police vehicles escorting the bodies of the deceased, a folded flag…all very similar to the respect for fallen military.

After all, Law Enforcement organizations are paramilitary in nature. And there is a kinship that forms, as veterans and active duty military know, when you must rely on the people you work with for your lives.

This video shows an emotional Trey Gowdy giving his respects to law enforcement. Remember to say thank you to the police officers in your town or city. Remember their sacrifice.

There’s a way to show your support for law enforcement more than just putting out a blue light, or sending an encouragement card. We have some stickers and clothing designed to show support for those who risk their lives daily. I love my “Blue Lives Matter” t-shirt and wear it often. The shirts make great gifts for the police officer you might know. The Blue Lives Matter stickers are also excellent ways to show your support.



Faye Higbee
Faye Higbee
I'm a published author of 4 books, numerous short stories, blogs and editorials. I've been working at Uncle Sam's since 2013. I have two degrees in Criminal Justice and worked for over 31 years at a local police department. I have been a patriotic American since I was a child.

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