Liberal Editor is Afraid…of the Plumber?

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Liberal Editor is Afraid…of the Plumber?

Ned Resnikoff is a “senior” liberal editor at “Think Progress,” a left-wing “think tank.” Twitter user and independent journalist named Michael Tracey happened upon his Facebook Post written 4 days after the election that caused him to ask: “What in the ever-loving hell is this?” Resnikoff was apparently afraid of his plumber because he was a “middle-aged White man who spoke with a Southern accent.”

Mr. Resnikoff seems to be having an emotional breakdown. Perhaps he should see a shrink. If he’s afraid that a white plumber voted for Trump and might harm him because he’s Jewish….that’s a problem right there. Definitely delusional.
liberal editor

ThinkProgress is a project of the Center for American Progress. Remember John Podesta? He was once the head of the Center for American Progress, and his replacement, Neera Tanden, who always had a snarky comment about Hillary in the Wikileaks email releases? ThinkProgress is a project of THOSE guys.

Think Progress is not “trustworthy”…even liberals don’t trust ’em.

According to Frontpagemag,

Liberals trust The Daily Show and Al Jazeera for their news coverage. Conservatives trust FOX News and Breitbart. Everyone trusts the Wall Street Journal and no one trusts BuzzFeed. That last shows there’s hope for America.

But lefty talking point spewing factory Think Progress gets surprisingly low scores even among liberals. Not only do conservatives distrust it, but the general public and those rated mostly liberal split on it.

And this rant by Mr. Resnikoff could be just a symptom of the Think Progress difficulty with well, thinking. I don’t know if all the writers/editors at Think Progress are scared of plumbers of course.

And after all, what if your Plumber is a Democrat? He didn’t bother to even ask. He assumed by the way the man looked and sounded. I kind of wish it was really that easy to tell about people, but it’s not.

Some of the responses to Tracey’s tweet were enlightening too:

Yes, imagine that. We’ll skip it. There’s enough “thinking” in this mess already.



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Faye Higbee
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