Massive Tornadoes tear through Illinois, Iowa and Ohio- 1 dead

Fairdale, Illinois- Massive tornadoes ripped through  Illinois Stateline counties overnight, leveling homes and killing at least one person. More storms swept through Iowa, and Ohio. Rescuers were digging through piles of rubble to pull people out of basements.

The village of Fairdale took a direct hit from the tornado. Geraldine M. Schultz, 67, was killed and a few others left  unaccounted for as of Friday.

“The whole town was gone. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life. It was heartbreaking.” Daniel Prothero


Fairdale, Illinois nearly wiped off the map – Twitter photo by Max Tsapiras



Twitter Photo of devastation in Fairdale by Max Tsapiras


Rochelle, Kirkland, Sycamore,and the community of Belevdere in Illinois all experienced severe damage. The zoo in Belvedere was devastated by the storm, as two of their animals were killed and extensive repairs of around $200,000 will be needed.

One small town reported that one person remained unaccounted for in the rescue effort.

The town of Rockford, Illinois’ 3rd largest city, revealed damage, with one small community of Ashton receiving baseball sized hail.

The tornadoes may affect as many as 95 Million people, according to forecasters.

Tornadoes were also spotted in Camanche, Iowa and Toledo, Ohio. A total of eight tornadoes were reported Wednesday in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri as a storm system moved through.

More storms are expected for the  Midwest, Mississippi River Valley, Tennessee River Valley and around the southern Great Lakes region.




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