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Military Impostor Revealed

Tualatin, Oregon – Michael Bocci has told numerous people all over Oregon and Germany that he is a wounded US Marine combat veteran with a sad story. He’s told them his wife died during pregnancy. He’s told others that he has two young children to care for, or maybe 3. But when a real US Marine veteran spoke to him, his story began to unravel.

People have donated to him as a wounded veteran with serious needs. Except…he’s not a USMC veteran and never has been. The Marines have no record of his service.

Despicable actions

He’s taken money from women at local bars, some of whom have said he used the name Michael McGeoffrey. He’s even taken money from women in Germany. AND used photos of their children as his own. Even police officers have stepped up to help. They say they feel used, as do all of the folks who have tried to help and gave him money.

These are not Bocci’s children- screenshot via KGW

Investigative reporter Kyle Iboshi for KGW8 went to great lengths to find out who Bocci really is, and the facts are sadly revealing.

First clue: his homemade business cards. He used USCG- a designation for the Coast Guard, not Marines. Screenshot via KGW

His real name is Michele Bocci, born in Germany- spelled different, pronounced the same. Screenshot via KGW

He’s even used a dog to gain sympathy by saying it was his “bomb sniffing” dog who died -people bought it. Screenshot via KGW

Lon Getlin, a real Marine, met with him to help him. That’s when things started to unravel.

KGW’s Iboshi reported,

In December, retired U.S. Marine Lon Getlin was asked to meet with Bocci. Getlin has helped numerous wounded veterans through Lines for Life and Semper Fi Odyssey.

Getlin said Bocci told him he was desperate for money. He repeated his heartbreaking story. He claimed to be a single father with two young children after losing his wife, but added a new twist. Bocci said he’d recently started caring for a 6-month-old baby as a foster parent.

Oregon Department of Human Services has no record of any contact with Bocci.

“The more he talked to me, the more fantastical it all became,” said Getlin.

Getlin said Bocci claimed to have a doctorate degree in psychology from the University of Washington. He said he was a helicopter pilot and received the Purple Heart from a knife wound he suffered in hand-to-hand combat in Mosul, Iraq.  

“In the scams he has been pulling, he has not spoken to a military person, so when he did speak to one, he was asked questions that he had not been asked,” said Getlin.

“When I asked him what his rank was in the Marine Corps he said he was an ‘04’ which is a pay grade,” said Getlin. “An ‘04’ is an officer at the fourth rank, which is a major. Nobody talks about his rank as an ‘04’. They say, I’m a major, or a captain or a lieutenant.”

The local police couldn’t find any Oregon law that he violated because people have voluntarily given him money.  There were other stories out there that were shared all over social media even after the original news agency took them down. But the Defense Department is investigating him under the Stolen Valor statute.

Bad dude. Kudos to Mr. Iboshi and KGW for exposing this fake.



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