No Snoozin’ in North Korea meetings – public execution if you do!

Kim Jong-un has managed to finally get some attention (not much) by offing his Defense Minister after April 29. By killing him in public with anti-aircraft  gunfire at  a Military Academy shooting range in Pyongyang, he sent a “shot across the bow” so to speak, at anyone who questions his power. Or falls asleep during a meeting.


People’s Armed Forces Minister Hyon Yong Chol reportedly fell asleep during a meeting, and also talked back to the North Korean spoiled brat.  Apparently Kim didn’t get enough attention from firing a missile  recently, so he needed to make his presence felt once again. At the Kang Kon Military Academy in late April, Hyon was reportedly executed (in full view of the watchers) by anti-aircraft fire.

Spy officials stated that in April, Kim executed other 15 ‘senior officials’ who reportedly challenged Kim’s authority.

north korea

While the information is somewhat spotty due to the reclusive nature of the DPRK, Hyon hasn’t been seen since April 29. At least not in person. He has been on government film reels up to May 11, which could have been pre-recorded.

The attempt for attention that flopped?

NKmissile launch

Was this image photoshopped?

North Korea announced proudly on Saturday that they had successfully tested a submarine-based missile that was a “world level strategic” weapon.  The world yawned. In fact, most of the world didn’t believe them.

According to experts, North Korea’s fleet of submarines are small, aging leftovers from Russia. They have tried to “reverse-engineer” a launch system for ICBM missiles. If their launch on Saturday was actually successful, it was likely not because of a submarine based test, but rather one that was launched from a barge that was tethered close to the submarine.

According to Yahoo News,

And as for the images of the alleged missile launch posted by the North Korean news agency, there are details that do not “match up,” he said…

The images “show a bring pink shadow in the water, a reflection in the water from the missile launch,” he said.

“And normally you would expect to see this if you saw a flame coming from the engine of the missile. However, there is no flame on the picture, just steam and water.”

The incompatible details “might suggest that the imagery provided to the public was manipulated or photoshopped in some fashion,” he [Joseph Bermudez] said.

Experts say that the submarine question is important, but for now, the threat is mainly for that region. If Kim’s executions are attempts to keep “the old guard” in line…he may run out of people to snuff.



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