Paws Up! On the Ground! Dog surrenders with drug dealers in Brazil

Vargem Grande, Brazil – A photo of a dog surrendering with its alleged drug trafficking owners has gone viral in Brazil. A joint police/military operation on the drug dealer’s hideout in Santa Catarina state was aimed at busting a drug gang that had been trafficking in  cocaine and marijuana.


This faithful guard dog knew when the jig was up

Police said they had been observing the gang for a some time. When they busted them confiscated large quantities of cocaine, marijuana, scales, guns and ammunition at the residence.

“There was a male dog that was barking when officers burst onto the scene but when it saw its owners obeying the command to lie down, it ran over and laid down as well.” Filippo Valdez, police spokesperson

One smart dog

According to Brazilian animal psychiatrist and dog trainer Barnie Rico: 

“The dog lying on its back exposing its belly is a classic sign of submission in the dog world. By exposing its underbelly to any potential attacker it is showing that it doesn’t mean any trouble. The dog is also turning its head away as looking at the potential enemy can also be seen as a sign of aggression to another dog. It is clearly a very clever animal because it saw the rest of its pack given in, and decided to copy them.”

In this day and age of police shooting dogs during every kind of encounter from drug busts to noise disturbances, it’s nice to see this time the only thing any of them shot was a picture. The dog was not arrested with his two legged buddies.

Santa Catarina is in southern Brazil, and is considered one of the wealthier states in the country.



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