Retired Marine punches Bear in the Face to Save his Dogs

Marine Punches Bear

Placer County, California – Carl Moore is a 73 year old tough guy, who lives in Meadow Vista, California. He is a retired United States Marine,  former boxer and bar bouncer, and he doesn’t take much off anyone, not even a 300 pound bear.

marine punches bear

Carl Moore, retired Marine, punched a bear like this in the face

Moore heard one of his dogs, a Chihuahua, barking. He saw that a bear was attempting to get past a low gate that is on his deck.  KTLA wrote:

“She was terrified,” Moore said.

The 73-year-old contractor raised his arms and charged the bear, which retreated up a ramp leading to the deck. According to several witnesses, the bear reared up and turned toward Moore, who smacked it in the face.

“Boom, I hit him good,” Moore said.

Another man who also lives at the house, which is about 40 miles northeast of Sacramento, couldn’t believe what he saw.

“He whips to the right and hit him with a right. … It was crazy,” John Sargent said.

Moore says he’d do it again in defense of his dogs, since the dogs are  his “babies.” He has lost numerous chickens in recent weeks, and figured the bear was the culprit.

Moore declared, “This big right hand has sent a lot of people to the floor….I never faced anything in my life that I didn’t figure I can whip.”

Even though the bear has been declared a danger to humans, and he has the right to kill it if it comes around again, he says he doesn’t want to do that.

“If it comes back, I’ll call 911 and let the Sheriff do it because I don’t want to kill no animal.”




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