Son of Boston Police Officer arrested for plotting Terrorist Attack

Alexander Ciccolo, 23, aka Ali al-Amriki, posted on Facebook that he wished for martyrdom and spoke about setting off an explosive device “in places where large numbers of people congregate, such as college cafeterias.” He is the son of Captain Robert Ciccolo, a Boston Police Officer, who is the person who reported him to authorities.

terrorist attack

Alexander Ciccolo and the 4 weapons that were in his possession

Ciccolo had purchased two pressure cookers of the similar type to those used in the Boston Marathon bombing. He reportedly had been suffering from extreme mental illness for a long time, and over the last 18 months had become enamored with ISIS.

“While we were saddened and disappointed to learn of our son’s intentions, we are grateful that authorities were able to prevent any loss of life or harm to others. At this time, we would ask that the public and the media recognize our grief and respect our desire for privacy.” Ciccolo family press release

The plans

Click here for the criminal complaint against Alexander Ciccolo

Ciccolo told a confidential informant that his original plan was for a attacking a police station. But he changed it to a State University in the cafeteria because there would be many more ‘sinful’ people there.

He told the Confidential informant that he had already constructed molotov cocktails and would prepare the pressure cookers with black powder. The ones confiscated at his residence were made of shredded Styrofoam soaked in motor oil, which, according to the defendant, would “stick to people’s skin” and make it harder to put the fire out.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Ciccolo on July 4.  He was in possession of the guns given to him by the confidential informant, but was not eligible to purchase or possess firearms because of his prior criminal record. The guns confiscated by the JTTF: 223 Colt AR-15 rifle, 556 Sig Arms SG550 rifle, 9mm Glock 17 handgun, and 10mm Glock 20 handgun.The search warrant turned up several partially constructed molotov cocktails, as well as 2 machetes and a large knife.

After his arrest, Ciccolo was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation. At that time, he stabbed a nurse with a pen so forcefully that the pen broke in half.


The nurses sustained a head wound form being stabbed with the pen

The case was sealed until Monday. Why, no one is exactly certain. Ciccolo will remain in custody until Tuesday, when his detention hearing is scheduled before a federal judge.



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    The presidential candidate who promises to begin deporting muslims and eradicating mosques/Islamic Centers, will definitely get my vote. I have to believe him though. He has to prove he doesn't see the Emperors New Clothes.

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