“Supermoon” To Move Across The Skies After 69 Years

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“Supermoon” To Move Across The Skies After 69 Years

For all you hopeless romantics, science freaks, and nature fanatics, comes a literally once in a lifetime opportunity to watch another beautiful phenomenon our universe has to offer, the Supermoon.

This Sunday through Monday evening, the full moon, occurring every November, will be 22,000 miles closer than it has been since 1948, 69 years ago.

A Supermoon happens when the timing of a full moon overlaps with the point in the moon’s 28-day orbit that is closest to Earth. Here the moon will be 14 percent bigger, and 30 percent brighter.

“Supermoon” is the popular term for when a full moon coincides with what scientists call the moon’s perigee — the point in its orbit when the moon makes its closest approach to Earth.

Writes CBS news,

This year the moon will be 216,486 miles (348,00 km) from the earth’s surface and 221,523 (356,508 km) for the earth’s core. The last time a supermoon occurred, back in January of 1948, it was approximately 29 miles closer than it will this year.

The moon will be at its closest distance to the earth at approximately 6:21 am EST Monday.  Slooh Community Observatory will be live streaming video of the supermoon on their website and Facebook for all to be able to enjoy this supernatural event.

“Everyone gets to see the moon. It’s a great shared resource for all humanity,” says NASA planetary geologist Noah Petro, advising us all to step outside and take a look.

The difference will be very subtle, but still a spectacle for the world to unite together and see.


A blood moon over Seattle earlier in 2016. This has been a year of spectacular moon pictures. photo by Tom Michalski – used by permission


Then there was a rare blue moon in May of 2016. Photo by Tom Michalski used by permission

With the tensions and pressures of a divided nation, and a struggling world, it seems like such a delicate way for the invisible powers that be to remind us all (the stressed student, the guy trying to get the girl, the endeavoring single mom, the oppressed, the rich, the hungry, the poor, the atheist, the Christian, the Muslim, the liberal, the Conservative, the American, the Russian, the Arabic, the Israelite, the friend, the enemy, or whoever you might be Monday night) that we are all native to this world, that we all live, and that we all co-exist under that same stars, the same moon, the same sky.

Perhaps even giving us another opportunity to fall in love once again with the beauty of the world, and the compassion of humanity.





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