The America We Once Knew Is Gone

We’ve all seen the headlines, and most of us have been angered by them. Good men being prosecuted for doing their jobs in the military. People pounded and attacked in the media for being “racist,” “bigots,” “haters” because they refuse to fall down at the altar of political correctness. It is evident in every issue in America, and across every spectrum of life from Muslims to Homosexuals to Race issues. The practice of intimidation by violence, by aggressive shouting, by rioting and looting, has become normal in our nation.


The event created by Brian Klawiter in Jenison, MI was clouded by protesters trying to shout down the speakers- twitter photo

The homosexual mafia

Intimidation led the night in Jenison, Michigan, when Brian Klawiter held an event focusing on why he would not bow down to the gay mafia at his business, Dieseltec. His stand was previously reported here.

First, the venue where he scheduled the event tried to up his fees in a blatant attempt to force them to back out of it. After letters from attorneys back and forth, the school district backed off, claiming they really weren’t trying to stop the event.

The night of the event, the gay crowd showed up to intimidate them, and shout the speakers down. The police did nothing…in fact, the police chief had been told exactly that by the City Prosecutor- do nothing. They actively ID’d the crowd and legal gun owners, but did not ID the protesters.

“I went to each of the officers individually and told them they were a disgrace to the uniform for not upholding the law. I also spoke to the police chief and told him the same thing. He then told me that the prosecutor’s office told him to do absolutely nothing… they checked every law abiding gun owner’s ID as they came into the building…They were worried about the guns, not the protesters.” Brian Klawiter to Freedom Outpost

Bad behavior is rewarded

As with the protest in Texas that resulted in two dead terrorists, and the protest in Arizona that came off peacefully but was labeled “anti-Muslim,” the media labeled this event “anti-gay.” One of the speakers wrote a letter to the local newspaper that said this in part,

“The free speech rights of the citizens of Jenison were stolen from them by an unruly mob who showed up in support of homosexuality.  I was unable to make my presentation because throughout the entire meeting the homosexual mafia, interrupted, shouted down, and loudly cussed at the speakers.  This was all done with the approval of the police department and silent support of Superintendent Tom Tenbrink and many of his administrative team.  Ask any adult who was in attendance, who had their right to hear taken away by the mob, about the vulgar, reprehensible behavior of the mob and the police and school administration’s willingness to allow free speech to be trampled.” Coach Dave Daubenmire, event speaker

Free speech is dead

The media, the people, have all been corrupted into believing that Christian values are evil. Anyone who mentions the behavior of blacks (including pseudo-blacks) must be racist. Anyone who says no to the gay agenda is a “bigot.” Free speech, as we once knew it, is dead.

It is reminiscent of the crowd shouting that they wanted Barabbas the criminal instead of Jesus the Savior at the crucifixion. Or the homosexuals who shouted at the angels to come out of Lot’s house in Sodom…remember what happened to them.

The America we once knew is gone- is it gone forever?

“You are now guardians of your own liberties.” Samuel Adams



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Faye Higbee

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