The scramble for Political Correctness – even a class ring is deemed evil

In the mad scramble to erase the Confederacy from America, they have 1) decided to exhume the bodies of a Confederate General, Nathan Bedford Forrest  and his wife, in Memphis, Tennessee, and sell his statute, 2) proposed removing ALL of the confederate flags at national cemeteries across the south, 3) taken down the Confederate Battle Flag from everywhere they can get their hands on it, 4) removing statues of other Confederate figures across the south, and 5) refusing to sell items like a class ring.

political correctness

A woman was refused to purchase this class ring even though it had already been ordered and created

The class ring caper

Fort Smith, AR – Elaine Glidewell ordered a class ring for her nephew’s graduation gift. He attends Southside High school (you remember that school, the one that dumped their mascot and any reference to the confederate battle flag). His wish was to have the rebel mascot and Southern Cross flag on the ring.

She ordered it from Walmart. When they called her to say it was ready, she went down to pick it up…but the store refused to sell it to her because of the flag on the ring. No joke. A $340 ring, and they refused to sell it to her because of the flag depicted on the band. She had ordered the ring in May, and the store posted its no-confederate-flag  policy in June.

“I wanted to cry. I stood there with tears in my eyes.” Elaine Glidewell

Walmart issued a refund, but Ms. Glidewell was devastated. All she wanted was to give the ring to her nephew as a gift. The Walmart employee told her they were going to melt it. The Walmart spokesperson told 5Newsonline that they were working to get her to a 3rd party distributor that makes class rings.

FYI- Confederate flags have been on class rings for decades.

Scrambling to be seen on the side of political correctness

These entities are WRONG to remove all vestiges of the Confederacy from America.  For those whose ancestors fought for the South in the Civil War, these actions destroy the very foundations of their family history. And many of them are black. But just as big an issue is the mad scramble that is occurring to be seen as politically correct.

Let’s see if they go so far as to dig up ALL the confederate soldiers in the national cemeteries and ship their remains out to sea. It has become a farce.

It is as if there was a football scrimmage line, someone yelled “hike!” and players from both sides, and both benches, emptied out onto the field into one big panicked pile with the quarterback underneath. That “quarterback” in this case is American History.



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