Trigger Warning Issued for Jesus’ Crucifixion in a Theology Class

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Trigger Warning Issued for Jesus’ Crucifixion in a Theology Class

“University students studying the death of Christ are being given trigger warnings before being shown images of the Crucifixion.

Theology undergraduates studying an introductory Bible course at the highly-regarded University of Glasgow are being warned that the execution may distress them.

They are given the opportunity to skip lectures entirely if they are too fearful that the Biblical imagery may upset them.” Heat Street

The class is called “Creation to Apocalypse: Introduction to the Bible (Level 1)”  and is attended by around 50 students each time. Brilliant move Glasgow, you’ve just turned your students into complete worthless cowards.

Trigger Warnings

It’s one thing to be grieved and shook up by an incident, it’s quite another to run away from it into a “safe space” somewhere and not deal with it at all.

Do they think the disciples got a “trigger warning” as they watched their Friend and Savior die in a horrifying Roman punishment? Blood running down the wood of the cross, as His own Mother wept at His feet? Eleven of the twelve original disciples died a shocking death in similar ways. They didn’t get “trigger warnings.” They faced it.

Do they think Christians in the Middle East are afforded “trigger warnings” now when jihadists invade their cities, murdering their men and women and beheading even children?

Do people get a nice “trigger warning” before they have to look at blood at the baggage carousel after a shooter tears through the airport like today in Florida? Or a bloody shooting in a night club? Or even a car accident in which someone is killed?

‘Oh, sorry, Mr Terrorist you have to issue a trigger warning so the snowflakes can opt out of your murder spree.’

Of course it’s terrible. Did anyone stop to think that by removing the horror, they might actually perpetuate it because no one will decide to stop it? They’ll be too busy avoiding it.

According to the Scottish Daily Mail,

Warnings are also given to the university’s veterinary students who work with dead animals, and those studying ‘contemporary society’ who will be discussing illness and violence.

Students of forensic science at Strathclyde University in Glasgow are given a ‘verbal warning… at the beginning of some lectures where sensitive images, involving blood patterns, crime scenes and bodies etc are in the presentation’.

A trigger warning for a gender studies course at Stirling University says: ‘We cannot anticipate or exclude the possibility that you may encounter material which is triggering [ie, which can trigger a negative reaction] and we urge that you take all necessary precautions to look after yourself in and around the programme.’

It has become ludicrous.



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Faye Higbee
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