White House briefing interrupted by Bomb Threat

AP reported that as Josh Earnest began his daily press briefing at around 2 pm, he was suddenly interrupted by a “security issue.” The journalists and all White House personnel were ushered from the room by the Secret Service. Roughly 30 minutes later, according to Reuters, everyone was allowed back into the room. A bomb threat had been called in to local police.

white house briefing

Reporters evacuate the White House Briefing Room- Screenshot via Reuters

Bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in and a security sweep was conducted. Apparently, the bomb threat was only aimed at the Press Briefing room, not the other portions of the White House, so Obama was not evacuated.

As the journalists packed up and exited the room, Josh Earnest appeared mildly peeved at being interrupted.


Josh Earnest

Sir, I have a question

From all reported accounts, the Oval Office and the remainder of the West Wing of the White House is only a few steps away from the briefing room. If a bomb threat against the Briefing Room was received, would it not be prudent to evacuate the President as well? Let’s see, shrapnel, big booms, lots of smoke and fire…??? Fortunately, no explosives or any kind of problem was found.

The previous part of the day

At any rate, earlier on Tuesday, the Secret Service investigated reports of suspicious packages, and a telephone bomb threat called in for two Senate buildings. No explosives were found.

The immediate streets around the White House, including LaFayette Square were briefly blocked off and closed to tourists for security reasons.
The ABC News video is below:

ABC US News | World News



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