Yakima, Washington – Don’t bring a tee-ball bat to a gunfight

A man who was open carrying his firearm at a local Walmart in Yakima, Washington was struck with a metal tee-ball bat by an attacker whose possible purpose was to get his gun. It didn’t work.


Yakima Walmart where an attacker with an aluminum bat hit a shopper with a gun.

Never bring a tee-ball bat to a gun fight

At 11:20 am on Saturday, the Yakima Herald reported that a 32 year old man was shopping with his 3 children when  he was struck with an aluminum bat by a stranger. The unprovoked assault did not seriously injure  the shopper, who dodged the hit so that the brunt of the attack hit his shoulder. The victim of the attack was open carrying a SigSauer .357, and immediately pulled the gun.

“A video from the store’s security system shows the victim shopping with at least three children. According to the affidavit, the video shows some of the children move out of view as a man is seen coming over, picking up a metal tee-ball bat from a rack and striking the other man in the shoulder with it.” Yakima Herald

Failed attempt

Store Security heard a man shouting “Get on the ground!” in the Sporting Goods department. When they arrived, they found the victim pointing his gun at the attacker, a 30 year old transient, who was lying on the floor.

The suspect was arrested by police and placed in the Yakima County jail in lieu of a $30,000 bond.

The victim had never seen the suspect before, and the two had not exchanged any words prior to the attack. A man who identified himself as the victim’s father commented on the Yakima Herald story:

“The attacker swung full force for his head.
The gun was carried “open Carry”
It was a 357 sig We think this person was trying to get the handgun by knockout hitting him in the head with a aluminum bat.
He side stepped the blow and took the impact in the neck and shoulder he is receiving Dr.s treatment.
He thanks god that no one else was hurt and that he did not have to use lethal force.
I was in law enforcement and during my academy training my son helped me study he knew how to safely defend himself and his family lawfully.
Hopefully this attacker will not be released to hurt other people.”  Brad Walker

The names of victim and suspect have not been released.



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